Pest Control
M Trap
M-Trap is 100% eco friendly.
M-Trap lasts for 18000 hrs or 5 yrs of normal usage.
M-Trap has been inspired by rich oriental porcelain design.
The beauty of M-Trap lies in its elegance and simplicity with royal feel.
Long time protection guaranteed.
Product Code: Mtrap/901
M Trap Mini
M Trap a UV Photo- catalysis product produced by the mosquito-luring light and the light catalysis, which sends out the carbon dioxide resemble the human body smell, human body smell attracts mosquitoes.
Body: It uses Funnel design and forms a tornado wind, once the mosquitoes approach near the device, they are immediately absorbed inside.
Handle & Switch:convenient and safe.
The plastic material is high grade ABS, (environmental friendly) The colour is eco friendly.
Higher Bottom case. (Devil):
Anti-escape device. It is used below the fan and so the mosquitoes can't fly out even though the power is shut off
Product Code: Mini/921
M Trap Junior
Using 5W CCFL tube (UV light and wave length is about 365nm) to attract the mosquito, the life of CCFL is up to 0,000hours, the life of traditional T5 or T8 tube is only 6,000hours.
Spraying the NanoTio2 on the surface of CCFL tube, when CCFL tube is light, photocatalyst decomposition of toxic ubstances in the air, at the same time, it will also produce CO2, it will attract the mosquito and insect.
When mosquito attracted come to the insect trap, he will be suck in the box by fan, and then being drained to death.
Using IP4 waterproof of 8cm Fan
IP4 level of water proof, can be used at garden, balcony, can proof the water from any direction splashed
Product Code: