Hospitals Equipments
I Prum
Connection to the chest tube is all required.
Solomon has no button but a power button on its main body.
Operation and data transmission will be made by Wi-Fi.
Product Code
Laser Nasal Rhinitis
Wavelength: 660nm ±10nm
Output power: Light (3mW)
Medium (5mW)
Intensive (7mW)
Dimension: 10 x 5 x 2.5 cm
Automatic Power Off: approximately 15 minutes
Product Code
Solomon Quantum Analyser
Solomon NON Invasive Body Scan Machine scans the entire Human body in a one minute and instantly generates a detailed report of each organ and its functions. INDICATING, diseases and deficiencies a person is having at that point of time, this total process is non-invasive or intake of any medicine or device and further without taking out any blood from the person.
Product Code: