Body temperature is routinely monitored in clinical settings with infrared ear thermometers which measure the infrared energy emitted from the patient,s eardrum in a calibrated length of time. A short tube with a protective sleeve is inserted into the ear, and a shutter is opened to allow radiation from the tympanic membrane to fall on an infrared detector for a period which is typically from 0.1 to 0.3 seconds in the varieties surveyed. The device beeps when data collection is completed and a readout of temperature is produced on a liquid crystal display.
Product Code: SBIR/210
BP Super Eco
1. Backlit with Negative LCD
2. Large White Font-Can Be Read in Any Angle
3. WHO Colour Coded BP Indicator
4. Premium Modern Surface Finish
5. 120 Sets of Memory for 2 Groups
6. Records with Exact Date & Time
7. Auto Power-Off
Product Code: BPE/903
Ear Cleaner
Solomon has innovated and invented "SOLOMON Ear Wax Cleaner" for the first time in the world, under Brand Name "EZZZY CLEAN" is presently available in the market with safest technology and easy to use. Why People love our "EZZZY CLEAN" The Solomon Ear Wax Cleaner?

The "EZZZY CLEAN" or SOLOMON Ear Wax Cleaner is safe & convenient Ear Wax Cleaner which helps maintain the Hygiene and further it prevents ear from all types of ear diseases. ""EZZZY CLEAN" sucks the ear-waxes and humidity out of the ear with its unique design. It uses a revolving inhalation screw to protect against any inflammation that may cause viral or bacterial infection inside the ears.
Product Code: EC/915
Nasal Aspirator
1. Music Function 12 Chord Melody
2. Strong Power Put aspiration tip into nostril, then you may use this device to remove nasal secretions continuously or intermittently.
3. Safe The soft aspiration tip has a comfortable design to prevent the possibility for injury during operation.
4. Compact & Easy Design Child Nasal Aspirator is compact easy to hold and operate. It is also safe and comfortable for baby use.
5. Washable head module design Tips, collection cup & head part can be taken off from the device and washed. (Collection cup can also be disinfected by boiling water.)
Product Code: NI/909